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Open Enterprise 2009 – Winning Team Interview

Now this is an interview worth watching.
Booz Allen Hamilton recently won the award for developing an environment for corporate collaboration. Some key success factors for this environment were –
* Visible Senior Leadership buy-in to drive adoption of the concept.
* Breaking down of organisational silo’s – in the spirit of collaboration between business units.
* Active stimulation of conversation across this community as well as an effective feedback mechanism.
* Demonstration of value through process efficiences and changed work practices.

In my view, for this initiative to succeed in the long term, the above factors must remain inplace to support further adoption and growth of the environment. As the organisation evolves and new staff come onboard it is important that this initiative retains the focus and continues to add value.

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  1. August 12, 2009 at 2:45 am

    Hi Paul,

    thanks for sharing this.

    It’s interesting how they have the change management team working in parallel with the tech’s so that adoption is integrated in from the start

    How is it going with blogging? It would be great to see many more posts per week.

    ~ Jason

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