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Some success factors for Enterprise 2.0

Andrew McAfee attended this years Enterprise 2.0 conference and has compiled a list of ‘perfect storm’ factors for success, summarised here –
* The support / blessing of ‘guardian’ functions like legal, compliance, and security.
* Steady and patient evangelizing.
* The right pitch for why E2.0 should be initiated / encouraged.
* Useful and usable technologies.
* Early successes and demonstrations of value.
* Context-appropriate tools, practices, and philosophies.
* Executive awareness and support.
* Executive involvement.
* Alignment with the stated goals and values of the organization.
* External pressure.

Further, after reading the Tim O’Reilly article Web 2.0 Principles and Best Practices, I can add a few more success factors –
* Release early and release often
* Engage users as co-developers and real-time testers
* Incrementally create new products

While I do agree with these, I think organisational culture is also a very important factor for early E2.0 adoption. Any others?

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