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Accessing the knowledge of your Crowd

A nice article here by Glenn Engstrand on the use of crowd sourcing for Enterprise collaboration and moving beyond the hype.

Glenn’s review of a NY Times article on crowd-sourcing captures the following key quote “Open innovation models succeed only when carefully designed for a particular task and when the incentives are tailored to attract the most effective collaborators.”

To me this really is the essence of successful Enterprise 2.0 implementations. A social approach that is open, collaborative, IT rich and business focused also requires targeted management to ensure organisational social medium outcomes are met and not lost in the enthusiasm to engage with the communal approach. A form of controlled and measured organisational adoption still following the spirit of the community but checked by milestones.

It is this process of validation and evaluation that supports organic growth of an Enterprise 2.0 community of practice, and also maintains alignment with the organisational strategic direction.

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