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Social Software for Modeling Business Processes

February 25, 2010 2 comments

As I near completion of my Masters of Business Process Management at Queensland University of Technology, I have undertaken to write a literature review on how Business Process Management could be supported by Social Software (web 2.0 – wikis, blogs, twitter etc).

The following are just my workings as I go through this process over the next couple of months…please excuse my initial rough drafts!!
Of course, any feedback is appreciated.

Social Software for Modeling Business Processes

(Koschmider A, Song M, Reijers H) – link
Key terms:
Social networks; trust; BPM; Recommender systems
The paper discusses how the use of existing social networks establishes trust amongst process modelers and can be exploited to capture conceptual business process models. Also the application of a “recommendation based process modelling support system” which suggests process fragments to Modelers based on the context and modelling patterns used by a group of users working in the same area.
The Authors discuss Heiders “balance theory” that suggests individuals are more prone to interact with friends of friends than unknown peers. Their argument follows this line of thinking to suggest that model Users may be more willing to accept decisions made by known skilled persons as opposed to unknown ones.
The paper discuss the use of this social network “trust” factor and the use of the recorded history of the systems’ usage. This supports their view that social networks derived from process models and “recommender” history can be used to support strategic collaboration and encourage user trust behaviour and participation.
The paper then goes on to describe the “Recommendation based process modelling support system” in action.
On review this paper seems to be more about SNA than social software as we know it…
Recommendation based process modelling support system – defn -> suggest Users fitting processes to achieve a modelling goal regarding the Users modelling intentionand modelling history of a community of Users.
Social Network Analysis
Strategic collaboration

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