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Towards an Integrated Collaboration Space for eProfessionals

As I near completion of my Masters of Business Process Management at Queensland University of Technology, I have undertaken to write a literature review on how Business Process Management could be supported by Social Software (web 2.0 – wikis, blogs, twitter etc).

The following are just my workings as I go through this process over the next couple of months…please excuse my initial rough drafts!!
Of course, any feedback is appreciated.

ECOSPACE – Towards an Integrated Collaboration Space for eProfessionals


Wolfgang Prinz, Herman Löh, Marc Pallot, Hans Schaffers, Antonio Skarmeta, Stefan Decker
Fraunhofer FIT, CeTIM, ESoCeNet, Telematica Instituut, Univ. of Murcia, DERI

Key Terms:
Collaborative Work Environments; social computing

The authors believe that societal & technological changes will change the nature of our working environment “People will no longer work according to chain production models but rather more as dynamically and spontaneously assembled groups of people working together in a collaborative mode, which means a seamless work to achieve common goals”. -> social capital is the driver…
The paper asserts that in a study “workplace innovations account for 89% of multi-factor productivity gains” (Black and Lynch, San Francisco Federal Reserve, 2004).

The development of “New collaboration aware tools that reduce the complexity of collaboration in dynamic work environments and which enable users for creative
and knowledge intensive tasks. Instant collaboration is supported by the integration of asynchronous and synchronous collaboration tools, which results into augmented virtual presence/social networks and rich virtual collaboration.” -> will require ->
“a subtle combination of social, technological (ICT), organizational, legal and business perspectives.”

Asynchronous & synchronous collaboration tools

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