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Where Business Process Management & Social Technology meet

September 10, 2010 5 comments

I recently authored a paper (soon to be published) focused on how organisations are currently undergoing a paradigm shift where existing Business Process Management (BPM) methodologies and organisational structures are being enhanced by emerging social technology applications such as wiki’s, blogs, micro-blogs and instant messaging.

Within organisations these applications are typically categorised as Enterprise 2.0. This movement is evidenced in the literature by Rito-Silva et al (2009) who discuss the view that business processes should not stifle human intervention, and social technology should be embedded within the modelling and execution phases of processes. They believe that this will support the bottom up design approach to model development and execution. This is a radical change from traditional Business Process Re-engineering and BPM approaches.

As outlined by Rito-Silva et al (2009), a key factor of emerging Business Process Management methodologies will be agility (Dreiling, 2009), and this issue can be supported by the application of social technologies. I’ll present these factors soon once this paper is released.

Future research: Organisational (collective) intelligence for process improvement (via BI).

Antonio Rito Silva, Rachid Meziani, Rodrigo Magalhaes, David Martinho, Ademar Aguiar and Nuno Flores (2009). AGILIPO: Embedding Social Software Features. Center for Organizational Design and Engineering – INOV, Rua Alves Redol 9, Lisbon, Portugal

Dreiling, A. (2009). Business Process Management and Semantic Interoperability
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