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There’s a bear in there…

August 8, 2009 Leave a comment

One lasting memory of our most recent trip to Alaska was a day excursion from Homer with Bald Mountain Air to Geographic Harbour, across from Kodiak Island, so we could spend time with the Katmai bears.

The day commenced with a 40 minute float plane trip over some stunning Alaskan wilderness before we descended into a pristine harbour and took a short boat ride to the banks of a beautiful little salmon stream.
It wasn’t long before we had the company of a bear and her two cubs chasing & sometimes successfully catching their share – it gives sushi a whole new meaning!

Throughout the day we had several more visitors to our stream, and were often within meters of the largest bears I have ever seen, eyeballing us as they tore into the fresh fish. We knew our place, paid due respect and were left in peace.
This was truly an amazing experience in one of the world’s most untouched habitats and the memories will remain with me forever.

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Up in Alaska

August 4, 2009 Leave a comment

This is currently my favorite blog – Jill’s subarctic journal

Being a mad keen cyclist and also having the fortune of visting Alaska several times in the past few years, I am enjoying this journey one pedal push at a time. Jill is obviously very articulate and captures the essence of Alaska with her words and photos. Where will it all end?
This time last year my wife and I were camping in Denal NP and would head back there in a flash – any AK job openings out there for an IT geek??

My wife took this photo from the Worthington glacier near Valdez. We had just climbed up from the base and were about to tackle a crevasse….I still have the crampon scars 🙂

Ice climbing in Valdez

Ice climbing in Valdez

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